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On-line safety information


Dear Parents,
The challenges of keeping our students safe on-line is a complex one. It is important to promote online safety to young audiences, as well as parents and carers. Can I please remind you of our  general messages about online safety as noted in the bullet points below.

As I am sure you would agree It is always a challenge to promote on-line safety without naming specific websites or games. To name such sites can draw further attention to them, increasing the potential risk of contagion and therefore raising the chances that such websites or games could be  shared more widely. This could, in turn, initiate widespread media coverage of the game and raise greater awareness of it amongst young audiences.

Academy Advice/Guidance . 

We encourage parents and adults who work with young people to talk to them about their online activity. Let them share what they’re playing or looking at, rather than asking them whether they are playing a specific game, which may draw their interest to it.
We encourage extreme caution on sharing online content with young people, that may be distressing or upsetting. If young people express any concern or worries over material they have seen online, or posts or comments that friends or others have made, it is important to listen to them and offer support. Remember that inappropriate online material, which could be harmful and distressing, can be reported through social media channels for review and potential removal.
Providing information and signposting to sources of support for all young people is important at all times. It may also be useful to provide advice on how young people can support themselves and their friends.
Increasingly people use the internet to express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings, or to participate in online activities. Sometimes online material and activities can be harmful and upsetting and it’s important to let people know what to do if this happens, so they can look after themselves.
Samaritans, in partnership with Facebook has produced a guide on what to do if you are concerned about a friend. This information also applies to helping colleagues and students.


TIPS FROM FACEBOOK AND SAMARITANS Facebook is proud to work with Samaritans, to share potential signs that a friend might be struggling to cope and may need your help.

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