Huish Sixth

Former Sixth Form student receives Diana Award


Former Huish Sixth student Sam Hobbs received her Inspire Diana Award for Active Campaigner at Cardiff City Hall. Sam was the overall winner in this category which saw hundreds of entrants. During her time at Huish Academy, Sam saw the introduction of CPR sessions with her fellow students and staff alike, which came about after Sam herself had to perform CPR on her own mother with, thankfully, a positive outcome and quickly realised the necessity for all people to hold this basic life-saving skill.

The Prize-giving Day held at Cardiff City Hall saw young people receive their Diana Award in an official ceremony as well as introduce Award Holders, teachers and other young people to specialised training in campaigning and community action through social action workshops. Taking a cue from the name itself, participants will be inspired by their peers receiving their award and Award Holders and participants alike will be inspired and equipped to tackle social issues, make a positive change and contribute to a brighter future for themselves and others.

Sam was accompanied on the day by Mrs Canning and two fellow Diana Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Joel Robertson and Micha Soulsby who with their boundless enthusiasm and great ideas, along with 100% group attendance, are themselves a credit to the team.

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