Huish Sixth

'It could be us'


This year we have had the opportunity of inviting twenty Year 10 students to visit Oxford University on separate visits.

As part of the Challenge Plus programme, six Huish students joined students from our link Academies to visit Exeter College for the day, and see at first-hand what life at a top class university might feel like.

Students were very positive about the day and felt that it gave a great insight into what could be their future pathway.

"Visiting Oxford University has made me have a better insight into the different types of university courses and on the massive range of extracurricular opportunities. It has helped me to see what A Levels to take and the types of grades that would be expected of me. This trip has made me more open minded about applying to Oxford University and about the type of university I could apply to. Oxford is definitely a place I would now aspire to go to."

"The visit has given me an insight into things I didn't know about Oxford before ... for example I am now more confident about my chances of getting into Oxford as I now realise that it doesn't matter where or what school you come from ... just as long as you are hardworking. I am now even more assured that I really want to go to Oxford as it was everything that I expected it to be. "

"Today has raised my aspirations and has put Oxford University in perspective. Now, the prospect of attending Oxford University is less daunting. It has also encouraged me to delve deeper into my chosen subjects "

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