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Sixth Form students visit New York!

Huish Sixth


During the October half term, 36 students and 4 staff travelled to the Big Apple for a week's adventure with the aim of developing our understanding of Business and ICT within the city. Over our six day visit, we walked over 25 miles whilst visiting a range of different areas of Manhattan and various attractions. After our first day of travelling, we were up early Tuesday morning to experience our first breakfast in a local diner which provided a host of morning treats – from muffins, cereals, cooked potatoes and eggs. Many of the group treated themselves to waffles and pancakes, which were delicious. We took the subway down to the financial district for a four hour walking tour of the area which included walking along Wall Street, Broad Street, around the 9/11 memorial which was a stunning tribute, down to the harbour to see the Statue of Liberty and then back to a traditional city café for lunch. It was interesting to learn how the city was once called 'New Amsterdam' and to see a model of what it once looked like.

Time was spent exploring different areas of the city including Times Square both during the day and evening which was fantastic as the vibe of the area was so different once the sun had set. We spend time in the Empire State Building and it was such an insight to see the art deco décor inside – it was beautiful. The view from the 86th floor was stunning, we had a great view of the city.

Overall, the city had a fantastic vibe with so many local New Yorkers making us all feel very welcome every day. Singing along with a local on a subway platform was a highlight!

A full story will be available about this trip in the next school newsletter.

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